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What does it do?

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Show Statistics

CoinStat can show you the statistics for each quarter put into the machine to the last time it was powered on.

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Count Your $$$

CoinStat allows you to stay at home and count your money by giving you all different types of earnings reports.

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Saves You A Trip

CoinStat saves you the trouble of making a trip to your location if your machine is not quite ready to be emptied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this even do?

A CoinStat module plugs into your game and/or arcade machine and attaches to the coin-mechs. It will then count how many quarters and/or dollars that are entered into the machine and provide only statistics for you.

Does a module require Wi-Fi?

Yes. You must connect it to the Wi-Fi or you will not be able to count your money remotely!

How do I hook it up?

Follow the instructions included with the module. Depending on your model, hook it up to either your 12VAC or 7VAC lamp socket in the coin door area. Then attach the other wires to the coin-mechs. On first boot, connect to the Wi-Fi network it creates, run through the setup & you're good to go!

What are these two buttons on the side?

The red button factory resets the module if held for 10 seconds. The other is a "reload" button. This is pressed when you empty out the money inside your machine to track when you'll need to go back!

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